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Welcome to Jim’s Interviews. We hope you find these educational videos helpful to your understanding in your healing process.

During the interviews we discuss Unified Therapy™, the cornerstone of Jim’s work, and a wide variety of topics including the health and healing benefits of a regulated and balanced nervous system, early exposure to stressful experiences and its relation to chronic conditions, therapies, the mechanism of chronic stress, pain, and trauma, mindfulness and reaching higher states of consciousness for true innate healing.
Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP
Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP
Join us for the first in a series of interviews where Jim talks with Dr Paul Canali , Founder of Unified Therapy™ about what is Unified Therapy™; Stress, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Healing; the collaboration and adding to other healing therapies; and much more.
Jim and the founder of Unified Therapy™, Dr Paul Canali, discuss the ACE Score (Adverse Childhood Experience) and its relationship to disease and chronic conditions. How Unified Therapy™ differs and works in tandem with traditional, alternative, and cognitive therapies.  Jim and Dr Canali also discuss mindfulness and the activation of super conscious states for true innate healing.
To conclude this series, please watch as we talk about the importance of making the therapy part of a regular routine; why certain people with chronic pain don't heal; the over sensitive person; working with your brain and the prefrontal cortex; and the after affects of treatment.
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Part 1 - What Is Unified Therapy™, Adding To Other Healing Therapies, PTSD 

Part 2 - Chronic Stress and Its Global Affect on the Body, Mental Health 

Part 3 - Healing vs Symptom Relief, Higher Consciousness, Memory 

Part 4 - ANS Function, Its Relationship with Conditions; Yoga, Meditation 

Part 5 - Exhaustion of Stress Hormones, ANS Healing Reflex 

Part 6 - Meditation and Transformational Consciousness 

Part 7 - Do I Have To Be In Pain or Have A Medical Condition To Benefit? 

Part 8 - Interaction with Medication, Unconscious Mind 

Part 9 - The Body Somatic (Physical) & Emotional Markers & Dissociation 

Part 10 - Who Is An Ideal Candidate, Is It For Everyone? 

Part 11 - How Often Will I Need Treatment? A Regular Routine Practice

Interview Series Topics Menu
Jim's Interview Series covers a wide variety of topics and answer many of the questions you may have about Unified Therapy™ and the healing process.  There are 40 short videos in the series with Jim and Dr Paul Canali, the founder of Unified Therapy™, covering over 4 hours of information.

For your convenience, we have listed the menu below with a link to each specific video.
Series 1
Series 3
Series 2
Part 1 - Why this Therapy? What Makes it so Unique? The ACE Study and its Relationship to Chronic Pain and Disease. 

Part 2 - How Pain is Felt in the Brain, How Unified Therapy ADDS to Other Therapies, A Patient’s Story, Two Types of Memory 

Part 3 - Personality and Chronic Pain, Parastolic Wave 

Part 4 - Other Types of Therapies, Hypnosis, EMDR, Guided Imagery 

Part 5 - A Patient’s Story Continued, When Stress and Trauma Come Out, It's Replaced by Bliss, Joy, Happiness and Peace, ANS Monitoring 

Part 6 - PTSD and Unified Therapy™, ANS Function, Developing a Skill to Self-Regulate

Part 7 - What to Expect Going Through the Unified Therapy™ Process, During and After Treatment

Part 8 - Using Your Brain to Heal, Need to Feel to Heal, The Longer You Resist - The Longer It Persists

Part 9 - Do I Have to be In Pain to Benefit from this Process?  Do I have to Be Struggling with a Specific Condition?

Part 10 - Do I Have to Have a Physical Condition to Benefit from this Process? Super Conscious States

Part 11 - Why are Some More Conscious or More Sensitive Than Others? Thoughts on Changing Conditions

Part 12 - Getting to the Point of Not Needing the Therapy -- But Wanting It

Part 13 - Anti-Depressants vs Placebos, Belief Systems Involved

Part 14 - What is the Goal? What Are We Looking For? What Does Healing Really Mean? What Does It Look Like?

Part 15 - Triggers, Pathology, Obsessive Thoughts

Part 16 - Stages of Healing, Plateauing, What to Expect During the Healing Process

Part 17 - Motivational Factors

Part 1 - Utilizing This Therapy As Part of A Regular Routine Practice.

Part 2 - Why It Is That Certain People With Chronic Pain Don't Heal?

Part 3 - The Over Sensitive Person – Sounds, Smells, Weather Changes.

Part 4 - What Is Unique About Unified Therapy Is That We Have Found A Doorway Into The Unconscious.

Part 5 - Working With Your Brain And The Pre-Frontal Cortex. 

Part 6 - After Session Residual Pain, Emotions, Memories and Thoughts.  The Stages of Healing.

We have filmed four series of interviews with Jim and Dr Canali. Click on the buttons below to jump to each series.  You can hover your mouse over the button to see a description of each.
In this series of interviews, Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP and Dr Paul Canali, founder of Unified Therapy™ discuss the deeper questions about healing and human evolution.  How pain and suffering is a catalyst for growth and change, how our nature, beliefs and culture can block our progress and what motivates us to move forward and develop emotional fitness.
Part 1 - How We Can Evolve Our Brain and Assist Human Development, How Does Unified Therapy™ Assist with This?

Part 2 - We know about Physical and Mind Fitness. But Emotional Fitness? Could it be the key to healing obesity and addictions?

Part 3 - Dropping Back and Out of Therapies

Part 4 - What is Required for Sustainability, to Continue the Unified Therapy™ Process?

Part 5 - The Gift of Pain and Suffering and Its Force for Growth and Change.

Part 6 - Can Pain and Suffering be a Source of Our Identity?

Bonus Interview
The Relationship with Your Mind, Brain, and Body

Jim Fazio and Dr Paul Canali talk about how one of the best and lasting attributes a human being can learn is the ability to have the relationship with your mind and your brain to be able to change your thoughts.​

43:14 minutes
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