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Spirituality & Healing
“If you bring forth that which is within you, then that which is within you will be your salvation.

If you do not bring forth that which is within you, then that which is within you will destroy you.”

~The Gnostic Gospels

Spiritual maturity is not a matter of how long you have lived or even how much life experience you have. The important question is - how much does any of us actually learn from our life experience?

Those people who are more spiritually developed are people who have been deeply paying attention, who are sensitive and awake enough to truly learn, and grow, and significantly evolve as a result of the life experience that they have.
~ Andrew Cohen
Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP at Integrative Bodywork
Meditation and Freedom
Meditation only becomes real, powerful, authentic, and liberating when it is a practice of letting everything go. 

Otherwise it is reduced to little more than a psycho-spiritual relaxation technique. It may make you feel better, but it won't set you free. 

Feeling better and being free don't necessarily mean the same thing. Feeling better is relative; being free is not. 

Ultimately, spiritual freedom depends on how profound is your ability to let go of everything—and not just once, but over and over again. If you understand what it means to let go of everything, you know everything you need to know about meditation. Then your meditation is real. 

It's the posture of freedom, the posture of enlightenment. It's a profound existential stand you are taking in relationship to life and death; a spiritual position you are assuming in relationship to eternity. 

~ Andrew Cohen

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Meditation and spiritual practice can easily be used to suppress and avoid feelings or to escape from difficult areas of our lives.  Our sorrows are hard to touch.  Many people resist the personal and psychological roots of their suffering.
~ Jack Kornfield, PhD

Meditation and Spiritual Practice
“Healing does not merely restore the mind or the body to its condition before the illness, but more usually it brings about a lasting change.

Healing can be considered just a clinical correction of the damage that has been done, OR...

There is another kind of healing that implies a very different mechanism ...a kind of permanent change in the patient or in the organism, called creative adaptation.

Adapting can be a change in whole organism, making it better able to meet new challenges.”
Activating the Brain~Body Connection for Healing
Promote Health and Wellness, Not Disease and Illness
4083 South US Highway 1, Suite 102
Rockledge, Florida 32955