What Happens During a Session?

Using a variety of specific and proven techniques to establish the brain-body connection, in a safe and sacred space, Jim guides and supports the client to activate a natural, systemic Healing Reflex™.

Systemic means the whole body gets involved, including physical structures (i.e. spine, muscles, tendons) to hormones, neurotransmitters and most importantly, the brain.

This is a key parameter in any significant healing of many diseases and health conditions including physical, psychological, and emotional conditions previously resistant treatments.

“No long-term healing, learning, or evolutionary development can happen regardless of the therapy, practice, or technique you may currently employ, unless this brain-body connection is made.”

~ Dr. Paul Canali

Homeostatic Stress Releasing Healing Reflex™

What does this look like and what would a client expect to experience during a session?

“As a new client, I had wondered – what was I supposed to do?  What was my body supposed to do?  How am I supposed to react?  As it turned out, all I needed to do was – let go, trust, and surrender…”

~ Mary P

In these videos, you will see the Homeostatic Healing Reflex™ in action.

6:33 minutes

11:39 minutes

Enteric Brain Technique™

Buried around your gut, or digestive system, is a second brain. The gut brain, also called the Enteric Brain, has a mind of its own.  Functioning much like the brain in your head, this system is able to sense and receive impulses.  It records and remembers experiences, and responses to all kinds of emotions.  Its neurons, or nerve cells, are affected by the same neurotransmitters as your high brain.

“The Enteric Brain is a built-in biological system to keep us on the path to health and higher consciousness or awareness.  It is controlled by an innate network that tells us whether or not it is safe to become fully human and free from fear, or to stay living in fear, survival, and separation.”

~ Dr. Paul Canali


2:49 minutes


Watch as Jim demonstrates the Enteric Brain Technique™ — a method of somatic sensory input that uses specific touch and biofeedback in conjunction with focused concentration.  This type of mindful attention increases brain-body feedback.

“The brain in the gut plays a major role in human happiness and misery.”

~ Dr Michael Gershon

We would like to thank our clients who have allowed us to film their sessions
and share their experiences with you.