Unified Therapy™ is the only known toxic stress, anxiety, and pain therapy that allows active participation in the healing process. It incorporates multiple techniques based on a variety of therapies.

It not only helps you become more conscious and aware of the things that generate pain but teaches you to release all kinds of physical and emotional pain affecting all bodily systems, cells, and tissues, promoting physical and psychological healing.

Privacy, comfort, and confidentiality are the essential elements of the environment in which your healing takes place.


Your Initial Consult and Session

Your initial consult and session will consist of your therapist reviewing and discussing your history and questionnaire forms as they explain to you what will go on and what you may experience during your session.  Unified Therapy™ is designed to adapt to and accommodate your specific condition.


The Approach

Jim guiding a client to release spinal tension through a stretch.

Unified Therapy™ is a safe, gentle, body~mind~brain treatment approach that addresses the etiology of conditions rather than simply managing and treating symptoms.

Unified Therapy™ treatments are unique, highly interactive and take place in a chair or on a padded treatment table. The client is clothed and in a supportive, healing environment that respects protective boundaries. Sessions are customized to fit whatever you need on the day you come in for treatment.

Treatment can be integrated with and complements other healing therapies including psychotherapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture.


Multiple techniques are utilized in a Unified Therapy™ session:

Jim working with client with chronic leg and hip pain.

Verbal Dialog

Specialized Enteric Brain Technique™ with Mindfulness

Guided Coherent Breathing

Active Myofascial Release

Graston Technique

Neuromuscular Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Acupressure Points

Strain Counter Strain / Positional Release

Interactive AIS Stretches

Neuromuscular Reprogramming Exercises

Trager Approach

Resistance Bands

Sounds / Reverberation


Essential Oil Aroma Therapy

The Enteric Brain Technique™

Buried around your gut, or digestive system, is a second brain. The gut brain, also called the Enteric Brain, has a mind of its own.

Functioning much like the brain in your head, this system is able to sense and receive impulses. It records and remembers experiences, and responses to all kinds of emotions. Its neurons, or nerve cells, are affected by the same neurotransmitters (tiny protein messengers), as your high brain.

The Enteric Brain Technique™, originated and developed by Dr Paul Canali, has allowed doctors, therapists, and patients to directly affect and balance the Autonomic Nervous System, or ANS, including the Enteric Brain for the first time by way of somatic or body centered therapy.

The Enteric Brain Technique™ is a method of somatic sensory input using specific touch and biofeedback in conjunction with focused concentration. This type of mindful attention increases body~brain and brain~Enteric Brain bi-directional communication and feedback.

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“The brain in the gut plays a major role in human happiness and misery”

~ Dr Michael Gershon


Unified Therapy™ is beneficial to anyone as a single session but is most effective when done as a series.

The number of sessions recommended will vary with each client’s health situation and personal goals.