Maximize your athletic performance and promote long term wellness – Unified Therapy™ not only deals with the physical body, but also helps release the accumulation of everyday toxic psychological and emotional stress.

Toxic stress is not only related to so many recurring sports injuries, but even chronic conditions.

While exercise, yoga and meditation are often useful ways to reverse the effects of stress, these methods don’t go far enough.  If you don’t address that accumulated stress, then you’re only superficially getting to the problem and won’t have full recovery.


“Your overall level of FITNESS is not measured in strength, flexibility,
and speed but how quick you are able to recover.”

Toxic Stress – How it Affects the Body and the Brain

Unreleased accumulative stress (allostatic load) is overwhelming to a person and can make you sick.  It’s like poison; in can come from a job environment, relationships, family and even too much exercise.  It upsets your hormonal balance, disrupts sleep cycle, lowers T-cell count and keeps you in a state of “survival mode“; constant stress doesn’t allow your body to recover, it can even change your brain.

When your stress hormones stay up, it’s catabolic – your body breaks down, injuries persist, you don’t recover, you don’t sleep, and it affects the level of healing in your whole body.

Learning how to adapt with adversity is an important part of a healthy body, brain, and nervous system.

While moderate, short-lived stress responses in the body can promote growth, toxic stress is detrimental to our health and is one of the major causes of illness and even death.

In Unified Therapy™ we help drop the stress load systemically; affecting all bodily systems, cells, and tissues to promote the body’s self-healing mechanism.

While exercise, yoga and meditation are often useful ways to reverse the effects of stress, these methods don’t go far enough.  Unified Therapy™ can take you a bit further.  We not only deal with the physical body, but also the release of the accumulation of everyday toxic, psychological and emotional stress.  When you release all those together, you can speed up recovery, maximize your athletic performance, and promote long term wellness.


At Integrative Bodywork, we can help you with:


~~  Ending the Cycle of Pain

~~  Mobility and Strength

~~  Maximizing Performance

~~  Post Rehabilitation

~~  Prevention of Future Injuries

~~  Improved Post-Workout Recovery