I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to these clients who graciously shared their stories on how we have been able to help with their growth and healing. Sometimes the most powerful help you can be to someone is to share your story.

~ Jim

Client Testimonial Videos

15:18 minutes

Mikayla Goetz is an Actor and Dancer who has experienced chronic stomach pain for 5 years. She developed food allergies, chronic infections, Hashimoto’s Disease, was unable to eat and experienced weight loss.

Unable to find any organic cause of her pain with traditional and other natural approaches, Mikayla was referred to Jim Fazio and Integrative Bodywork.

14:04 minutes

Robin Litman talks about her chronic elbow pain, grief over the death of her husband, and her healing through Unified Therapy™.

Watch as Robin discovers the correlation of how unresolved stress and grief can manifest into physical pain and affect our health and wellbeing.


5:00 minutes

Phil Mayrand, Jr, is a decorated Vietnam Veteran who has been diagnosed with PTSD and has chronic pain. After years of unsuccessful therapies, including alternative and traditional treatments, Phil was referred to Integrative Bodywork.

We invite you to watch this short video as Phil talks about his amazing breakthrough with Unified Therapy™.

21:40 Minutes

An elite scholar and professional athlete, Adrea Dempsey is a survivor of rape and attempted murder at the age of 19. Watch and listen to her amazing story as she describes going through 14 years of traditional therapy with minimal results.

Hear her miraculous and courageous journey – and how her healing began when she was referred to Jim at Integrative Bodywork.

Written Testimonials

Healing Progress With Unified Therapy

All of this happened in a few short months.  I am surprised and encouraged by this work. I can say that I have experienced more progress in a short time than in any other therapy I have had. As I write this, it has been a little over eight months Read More

Freedom Movement

Hi Jim, I was going to call but didn’t want to leave a  l  o  n  g  winded message and I know your office is closed today – but I feel very strongly that I need to share with you how I have felt the last two days since my Read More

I Can Feel Again

Dear Jim: I met you the end of September – I think – not sure – it is only significant in considering it has not been very long. We do not always talk about all of the details about how my life is different since I started with you.  I Read More

Healing From the Inside Out

Susan is a bright, professional woman who had a career, raised a family and was proud of her ability to multitask.  After a series of dramatic events in her life, one day she had a swelling in her left foot that made it painful to walk.  Within weeks she was Read More

My Healing Journey

It is said that people enter our lives for a reason.  Whether to teach or inspire, for good or for bad, easy or difficult, to stay or to go; we learn valuable lessons from those we meet along our life’s path.  Seldom does someone enter our life to heal and Read More

Today, I Know

I have been in some kind of therapy or other since I was 18. It has, at times, been a rough and very rocky road to say the least. I worked with my last therapist for ten years, and he was wonderful. I reached a point where I was very Read More

Kind Words From Our Former Clients

Unified Therapy is such a unique and transformative experience.  I am very interested in the progress of this work and the possibilities for everyone who will have the courage to try it.”

Singer, SongwriterToronto, Canada