“Your overall level of FITNESS is not measured in strength, flexibility, and speed but how quick you are able to recover and adapt.”

Poor Heart Rate Variability is linked to
chronic pain, unhealed injuries, anxiety, and even depression.

Check Your Heart Rate Variability

Did you know that psychological, emotional, and accumulative everyday stress has been tied into how much muscular tension there is in the body?  Jim incorporated a new fan bike to help dissipate not only the physical, but the emotional stress and anxiety that is held in the body.



Emotional Fitness
~ A Key to Healing ~

We know about Physical and Mind Fitness. But Emotional Fitness? Could it be the key to healing obesity and addictions?

5:20 minutes


Finger Pulse Oximeter

The Finger Pulse Meter is used in sessions to gauge autonomic activity. It utilizes noninvasive oximetry technology to calculate oxyhemoglobin saturation.


Reduce Stress and Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally! RESPeRATE is the only FDA-cleared, non-drug medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

2:24 minutes

Fox News Health Alert:
RESPeRATE on Fox News Orlando

Dr. Lyn Johnson of Orlando explains to Fox News how RESPeRATE can help to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

“High blood pressure and stress are a very dangerous combo that, in some cases, can lead to deadly results. Tonight there is a local doctor showing us how to alleviate both without medication.”

RESPeRATE is the only FDA approved biofeedback monitoring device that is clinically proven not only to lower blood pressure but helps to re-regulate the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), pain, and anxiety. It is not a drug and works by regulating your natural breathing cycle. it only requires 15 minutes of your time at least 4 times a week.

Integrative Bodywork integrates and uses RESPeRATE as an exercise to strengthen somatic awareness and as an aid to meditation.

For more information, visit www.resperate.com

LowerPressure.com, is the #1 online community for managing high blood pressure. In the article, How Emotional Stress Effects HPB, Dr Rowena talks about how RESPeRATE is a natural means of reducing high blood pressure.