Key Factors to Overcoming Depression

Re~regulate Your Nervous System with Unified Therapy™

Your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) can tell your doctor many things about how healthy you really are and what needs to be done to restore and improve your health. Recent breakthroughs in research suggest “most illness and injuries cause or result from an imbalance between the branches of the Autonomic Nervous System”.

Studies show that the negative effects on the ANS can also be cumulative. That means every stress, trauma, illness, and injury not dissipated and integrated can add up over years causing dys~regulation.

ANS balance is a key to health and happiness. Every single cell in the body is affected by the Autonomic Nervous System… This is why it is important to have your ANS checked and balanced on a regular basis.

~ Dr. Paul Canali

The Marketing of Madness

What causes psychological distress?  This thought-provoking series of videos discusses how we have evolved to creating a variety of mental illnesses that are treated by psychotropic drugs – drugs that cause even more devastating side effects – and that have produced a lucrative pharmaceutical industry.  It raises the question – are we manufacturing mental illness?

These videos were originally produced as one 3-hour presentation.  It is now broken down into 18 short 10-minute segments.

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