Unified Therapy™

A New and Promising Model for Healing
Pain Disorders, Anxiety, PTSD
Sports Injuries

Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP


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For over 25 years, I have been helping people recover from pain, anxiety, sports and work-related injuries, and the life-changing emotional assaults of childhood trauma to learn how and understand what healing really is. To become more confident, able to express their selves, live their purpose.

We are not only physical beings but emotional and spiritual beings, and if we don’t heal the whole self, we pay the price in the form of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships, lifelong feelings of general malaise, and even chronic diseases. In fact, did you know that NOT DEALING WITH the toxic stress and the biopsychosocial components of your whole self – research and the CDC has shown – will set you up for a thirteen- year shorter lifespan?

At Integrative Bodywork, we promote health and wellness, not disease and illness, by activating the Brain~Body~Mind Connection for healing. I encourage you to look though my website to see how you can benefit from this therapy.

We are not meant to heal alone.

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~ Jim

“Every human has a true authentic self. Trauma is the disconnection from it and healing is the reconnection to it.”
“Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.”

-Dr. Gabor Maté

Are You Experiencing Pain, PTSD, Anxiety or Repetitive Injuries?

Are you tired of just managing your symptoms or are you dealing with unresolved illnesses? Have you ever wondered why your symptoms resist traditional and alternative treatment approaches and just never get any resolution?

Then Unified Therapy™ is for you!

Research shows that unreleased pain, anxiety, toxic stress, trauma, and PTSD affects not only the body and the brain, but the ability to heal pain, repetitive injuries, anxiety, and even depression.  It is one of the major foundations for illness and disease.


How Can We Help You?

Here at Integrative Bodywork, we use a Brain-Body-Mind approach called Unified Therapy™ that activates a natural, Homeostatic Stress Releasing Healing Reflex™ that addresses the etiology, rather than simply managing and treating symptoms.  It not only has the capacity to treat multiple conditions at once, but also prevents vulnerability to future occurrences.

No single process, technique or mindful practice could offer more.

Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP, specializes in treating people who have not been receptive to traditional and alternative pain therapies and successfully treats not only acute musculoskeletal conditions, but he is experienced and has extensive knowledge in treating the effects of:

~~  Physical and Emotional Pain

~~  Anxiety & Panic Attacks

~~  TMJ (jaw pain) and Bruxism (teeth grinding)

~~  PTSD/Trauma

~~  Depression

~~  Sleep Disorders

~~  Functional Neurological Disorder

~~  Treats Comorbid (multiple) Conditions Concurrently

~~  Post-Surgical Discomfort

~~  Recurring Health Problems, Medical Mistreatment & Injuries

~~  Sports and Other Chronic/Repetitive Injuries


Do you know that neck, back, and stomach pain and strange medical conditions are also
related to the same mechanisms that create anxiety?


How Is Unified Therapy™ Different from Other Healing Therapies?

Unified Therapy™ is the only known toxic stress, anxiety, and pain therapy that allows active participation in the healing process and makes people conscious and aware of the things that generate pain. While a lot of modalities/techniques just deal only with the physical or the psychological aspects to dampen symptoms, Unified Therapy™ incorporates multiple techniques based on a variety of therapies, teaching you to release all kinds of physical and emotional pain to promote systemic healing.

We have found that in addition to a dysregulated nervous system and a high ACE Score, there are also Biopsychosocial factors that affect systemic healing.  All factors must be addressed and Unified for genuine healing to take place.

For more information, please visit Unified Therapy™ Process for Clients.


Healing the Pains That Run Our Lives

Anxiety and Chronic Pain Patients Talk About Their Experiences with Unified Therapy™


“Trauma has the potential to be one of the most significant forces for psychological, social, and spiritual awakening and evolution.  How we handle trauma (as individuals, communities, and societies) greatly influences the quality of our lives.  It ultimately affects how or even whether we will survive as a species.”

~ Peter Levine, PhD

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