Healing Progress with Unified Therapy™

Healing Progress with Unified Therapy™ As I write this, it has been a little over eight months since I began working with Jim Fazio and met my good friend Don Shetterly through his articles on Jim’s website.  I am quite impressed with the healing progress I have experienced, and the progress Read More

Testimonial 6

“When people in my life wonder how I got through the Loss/Deaths of 5 people, there are no words because this is The Work I did and still do for my RECHARGE when I’m in town with Jim Fazio.  This type of therapy is quickly healing people rather than the Read More

Testimonial 5

“Thank you, Jim, for keeping me away from another surgery!”

Testimonial 4

“It’s a transformational experience out of your pain and teaches you how to be an advocate for health and healing in your own body… very thankful for your work, Jim.”

Testimonial 3

“Not only is my back pain gone, I no longer need to use Lipitor!  I’ve learned so much about the impact of stress on the body, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helping to heal my body and spirit.”

Testimonial 2

“Unified Therapy is such a unique and transformative experience.  I am very interested in the progress of this work and the possibilities for everyone who will have the courage to try it.”

Testimonial 1

“I never made the connection between the pain in my neck and the fear I felt as a kid.  I also didn’t know I dissociated!”