Many of us from the species called humans come up against big obstacles in our life and in our day.  We all know what these things are if we have not completely become numb to them.  I’m sure each one of us could think of a zillion obstacles or at least one in our life right at this moment.

These obstacles are put in our path for many reasons.  Sometimes they are to get us to stop and look at the direction we are traveling.  Other times, they are put there so hopefully we will gain something new from observing the obstacle.  They might be put there for many other reasons from bringing new insight to us, a warning for our lives or just to get our attention.  I’m sure each of us could come up with many reasons for these obstacles being put in our path.

We as humans are meant to evolve and grow and become more than we were the day before.  When in the busy hustle of life, evolving and growth towards things higher than ourselves often get put on the back burner.  There are just too many things we tell ourselves that we must do and stopping to look at the obstacles in our life just requires too much time, work and energy.  Ok, it may not be that direct that we do this but I’m not telling anyone something new.  We all are well aware of what we do, even if we don’t own up to it.

So, my question is reflective for each person who is reading this to consider.  Do we change or do we hunker down?  Hunkering down can be a good thing sometimes when the hurricane force winds are bearing down upon us but if we stay hunkered down, we’ll never see the sunlight of the new day.  Once again, I ask, “Do we change or do we hunker down”?

It is up to each one of us to not be content with the status quo in our lives and to not just accept our life as the means to an end or this is the way it has been and always will be.  It is up to each one of us to go forward in our lives, reaching for that higher purpose within ourselves and becoming all that we are not only meant to be but that we are capable of becoming.  There is so much that lies within each one of us and we often forget this.  We all must realize just how much we do have in spite of the obstacles we see before us.

So, one final time I ask the question again: Do we change, or do we hunker down when we come upon obstacles in our lives?

It is an answer only you can give and hopefully you are honest with yourself because no one else will do that for you.

By Don Shetterly
November 22, 2009

Mind Body Thoughts Blog

Reprinted by permission from the Mind Body Thoughts Blog

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