A common question I’ve seen come through applies to many that I’ve seen go through the healing process.  I’m sharing this tonight in hopes that it will help further the understanding of what the healing process is.  These are questions that we need to keep open in discussion so that we all can learn and grow.

The question that I received recently is about someone that has made considerable progress in healing and then felt like they slipped back.  So here’s the question.

I felt like I was headed in the right direction and made progress, but then I slipped back.  Will I ever heal and get past all of the stuff I’m dealing with?  I feel like I went from 100% to 60%.

Here is my answer in regards to healing and Unified Therapy work.

Most of the time when we go through intense healing work, we come out of some of those experiences feeling like we are riding on cloud nine. It could almost be like climbing a mountain.  You got your first great glimpse of all that is out there.  So, in many ways, you’re climbing through the mountain range.  It may mean you get to hike for awhile on the ridge and you can see for miles, but at some point to keep going, you head back down into the valley to go up the next mountain range.

Feeling about 60% would seem normal in my mind.  In fact, I doubt you could stay that high up for very long.  The important thing to remember though is that allow the 60% part to be okay.  Do the breath work, movements – the things you all worked on that have helped – and it will pass.

Surrender into it and ask it what it is trying to show you or teach you or help you see.  That might not be real easy at first and believe me, sometimes I resist rather than surrender.  It is part of the process because it teaches us and it helps prepare us for the next stage of growth, awareness, consciousness.  It may not even be identifiable at this moment, but that’s okay – just let it be there knowing that the more you surrender into it, the more it will dissipate and pass.

Going through this healing work, we are inviting in an inner consciousness that is always there and giving it life.  It is a step by step process just like learning to walk.  When we’ve been shut off to it as long as we have, it doesn’t wake up completely all at one time.  It comes in stages so that we can handle it.  If we tried to wake up fully all at one time, it would be overwhelming and that gets pretty tough.

There will be good days and days that aren’t as easy.  Even with all the work I’ve done, it doesn’t mean my life sails by in a calm fashion – I get the calmness and peace, but I also get the rough choppy waters.  The thing is, I know that even when the waters of life get rough, I can remember that there is a place of calmness and peace within me.  Sometimes it helps me to recall what it felt like on the table.

I use the Resperate to help me go into deeper breathing.  It took me some time to get accustomed to using it and how to use it.  Now though, in 15 minutes – I can really bring myself down with the breath work and with connecting physically.  I never used to be able to do that on my own.  It’s a more recent development.

Its okay to feel like things dropped back.  Sometimes I think we need it. It is like sitting down after a long hike to rest but when you do, your legs feel the tiredness of the hike.  It isn’t that there is anything wrong with your legs feeling tired, but they just need time to rest so you can continue the hike.

By Don Shetterly
September 29, 2016

Mind Body Thoughts Blog

Reprinted by permission from the Mind Body Thoughts Blog

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