Dear Jim:

I met you the end of September – I think – not sure – it is only significant in considering it has not been very long.

We do not always talk about all of the details about how my life is different since I started with you.  I thought I would take a few moments to share some of the changes.

First, I am grateful to Dr Canali for “seeing you” and helping you to develop your talents and gifts.

I am also grateful for you having the courage to get past your own stuff to be so PRESENT for others (in this case Me).  You were the Healer in my life at a time I was very scared and hurt.  I was in the depths of sadness.

As you know I worked with Dr Canali years ago and that was also a time of intense turmoil for me and he helped me heal.  I trusted Dr Canali and if he chose you then I would in turn trust you.  This was immediate for me once I met you.

Some of the dearest and most supportive people in my life are gone.  I, too, wished at times to not be here.  I was tired, mostly of being so lost.  I knew a beautiful, loving and strong Nancy was somewhere in my body.  I just could not access her.

You helped me reconnect.  I FEEL AGAIN!!!

My heart is opening up.  My life daily feels different in so many ways, yet external things/situations have not changed.

I HAVE been changing…….I feel that I am on a path to Deep and PROFOUND CHANGE WITHIN MYSELF!

I sometimes get scared and then I let go.

Before I came to see you I was the smallest, worst version of myself becoming a person in actions I could not recognize.  Yet, it was me.  I worked to escape and resented every minute of it.  I slimed my customers and people I worked with instead of giving them my heart and wisdom.  I could have easily given them kindness, it would have been so much better for them and me.  I chose not to.

Anger had tremendous power.

My marriage became two people passing one another, forgetting how to be a blessing to the other.  Neither happy, both responsible.

My heart is open to love again, receiving and giving.

I cry, but my tears have changed.  They now also come from delight and gratitude and joy to be reconnected to myself.

There are tears of sadness but they have lost so much of their power.

As I write this I am so excited for the day and what it will bring.  I used to drag myself out of bed only after I was positive I could not lull myself back to sleep instead of facing the day.  I am now excited to attend Dr Canali’s seminar and also at the end of the day I get to see my beautiful grandbabies…..what a gift, all of that unconditional love.

I am excited to be……..I feel it all over me.  How Awesome is That?


  • I can FEEL
  • I eat less
  • I eat healthier
  • I do not use wine to shut down
  • I am Open
  • I am back out in the world
  • I am bringing my heart back to my business.
  • Anger has lost power

I am choosing openness, transparency and trust for myself.  It is learning a new way to be – secrets have had tremendous power in my life.

I am letting go of control.

Surrendering is becoming a powerful word for me.

I am learning to sit in peace even though I am in an uncomfortable place in my life.

I now focus on today, Now – Present moments.

I am sleeping without drugs, even dreaming again!

My heart is full of Gratitude for you!  Thank you, Jim!

You and Dr Canali continue to be one of God’s graceful blessings to me!

This is the second time Dr Canali has come in to my life to help me heal!

In Love and Peace…


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