The Unification Project™ is about gathering health professionals across many disciplines together to share evidence-based, reproducible truths in disease and human suffering with the goal of forming a common approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Current research indicates that the perceived positive results of decades of medical and alternative therapies may have less to do with a specific medical or alternative technique or method, and more to do with other innate biological factors.  For example, many research studies have shown that activation of the part of the brain called the Prefrontal Cortex takes place when genuine lasting healing occurs, as well as when positive placebo responses happen in a patient.  This relationship has been discovered in numerous studies across different disciplines and different cultures.

The potential of individuals controlling their own states of body and mind, and furthermore the course of their own diseases, has largely remained unconscious to us until now.  States of mind affect the brain and the brain can, in turn, affect the mind and body.  This bidirectional pathway, when consciously and mindful approached, can truly impact the course of human physiology and evolution.  The Unification Project is about finding individuals willing to take responsibility for their lives by accessing and consciously shaping the brain (Neuroplasticity) and the evolution of consciousness itself.

The Unification Project™ is founded on the understanding of core reproducible truths in healing and growing physically, emotionally, and cognitively, which, when accessed and integrated by an individual can positively influence their level of health and their life experience.  We have found that this process requires fearless, mindful, or conscious, interaction with the energetic processes of the body’s inner workings.  This involves paying attention to, and interacting with, the innate intelligence of our own biological self regulating system, and allowing it to express itself through sensation, movement, emotion, and thought without judgment and cognitive interpretation.  This way of mindfully observing entails neither embracing nor rejecting the innate body sensations, thoughts, or emotions as one experiences them.  The application of these new breakthroughs in what conscious interaction is capable of allows us to access deep unconscious territory of the mind and body.  It is here in the deep still recesses of our being that the solutions to so much of human suffering can be found.  Through this process of stimulation and sedation of the Autonomic Nervous System, one can voluntarily recreate most physical and emotional states at will.  This process can be extremely challenging and therefore must be activated and supported with the help of a skilled and personally experienced Therapist.  Through this process of inner communication of brain to body and body to brain, systemic, or whole body, healing takes place.  This opens the door for new and exciting treatment options for thousands of patients suffering from a vast range of maladies like chronic and acute pain, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress.

If we can come to a common understanding of how to work with this deeper cause of suffering and disease across many disciplines, we can incorporate this concept into a common and unified practice of health and wellness care.  With this new understanding of human potential, we will re-define what it means to be human from a biological, psychological and sociological stand point.  The future of health care and positive evolutionary development lies in this new, unified understanding.  Collaborating together to understand this potential is the premise of The Unification Project™.

By experiencing these challenging inner processes of mind and body first-hand, a true understanding of the nature of human suffering and disease emerges.  The resultant neurogenesis and potentiation of the nervous system produces positive evolutionary development by activating innate biological qualities previously unknown to us.  The first hand experience of these powerful innate qualities automatically creates unified bonding to other Doctors and Therapists, and with this new understanding, we will all be better able to help patients and the world at large.

By Paul Canali, DC
Quayny Porter-Brown, MArch, LMT, NCTMB
Evolutionary Healing Institute

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