I have been in some kind of therapy or other since I was 18. It has, at times, been a rough and very rocky road to say the least.

I worked with my last therapist for ten years, and he was wonderful. I reached a point where I was very happy, had left it all behind me, and felt my life was quite fulfilling for many years…and then, the bottom dropped out. I felt myself spiraling into a depression that I could not express or understand. I tried my best to manage it with all of the tools I had learned over the years. Nothing was working.

That was when I found Jim Fazio and Unified Therapy™. I began to work with him and reached a level of trust so quickly that I was able to explore the reasons for the depression I was experiencing in great depth. It is difficult to describe how the sessions go, but I can say there is very little talking, no advice or judgment, and all mind-body work in a safe, relaxing environment.

The sessions were intense and powerful… after each session was over, when I allowed myself to let go, I felt an overwhelming peace and joy that I had not experienced for a very long time. It was progressing so quickly that after a few months the memory (read The Neuroscience of Traumatic Memory) became clearer… until one session when the answer came… I knew it was real, where the existing memory was leading, and that it happened.

The next morning, this poem was written in my mind in a matter of minutes, and I had to write it down.


(c) 2017 By Marie Davino

Today I see the world through different eyes

Yesterday it was maybe, probably.


Today I know

Yesterday it was how could someone do that to a child

Today it is how could someone do that to my child

Yesterday I wondered why? (I suffocate!)

Why? (I can’t breathe!) why? (I can’t speak!)

Why? (Did I make this up?)

Today I know

The Angels gentle message

Floating on an ocean full of tears

drowning out my screams

Buried in sand up to my nose, hide my face from horror.

Can’t move, can’t breathe, why? (No one hears me.)

Today I know.

Paul sings it was far away… but it was here all along

He sings it will stay forever, but now I know

I will fight till I can let it go

These words of a million wounded souls, spoken a million times

Nothing new here…I am just one more broken heart to heal.

Freezing cold. Burning up.

No more shadows. No more darkness. No more silence.

Today I weep.

Today I bathe in the soft lightness of mourning

In the gentle hands that hold me

Because now, I know.

Tomorrow I will see the world through different eyes.


I am sharing my experience on Mind Body Thoughts because through my work with Jim Fazio I found Don, and we have become good friends. What he writes on his blog is courageous, open, and honest, and helps me find the courage I need to continue to heal through some very difficult times. Many thanks to Don, for sharing so much of his life with us so we can see there is always hope…and to Jim, for holding on tight and going through the darkness with me.

Marie Davino
Mind Body Thoughts
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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