Specific life experiences can trigger significant loss of health, happiness, and sense of purpose.  After studying thousands of individual cases, I have found that people are often changed – physically, mentally, and spiritually – by a particularly hurtful, traumatic or stressful experience or event.

These events or experiences, such as job dissatisfaction, painful childhood, medical mistreatment, loss of a loved one, divorce, a car accident, can exert positive or negative influence on our lives, but this depends on how our Autonomic Nervous System adapts to the stressors.

Amazingly, many illnesses are the direct result of unresolved stressful or traumatic occurrences that overwhelm our nervous system.  Our biology gets attached to these events, and unconsciously remains in a defensive mode, acting as if they are still happening.

Even if we have some conscious awareness that our suffering started after a particular event, we feel powerless to do anything about it.  What makes this situation particularly difficult is that our biology gets hijacked, which puts us into a fear-based survival mode.  This condition has disastrous effects on our health and happiness.

However, the good news is that we have a master regulating system that can positively affect every cell in the body.  For the first time in human history we are beginning to see why some people heal and why so many others continually suffer.  Most people are so often confused because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of diagnoses and medical conditions.  There are numerous specialists, both traditional and nontraditional healthcare providers, each with his or her individual perception of what disease and suffering is.

What if there is a truth-based, unified connection between most of the conditions that plague humanity?  What if – finally – there existed a discovery that humans possess an innate internal self-healing, self-regulating Master System?  When the Master System is activated people experience Autonomic Nervous System balancing, which can lead to extraordinary changes in physical and psychological health.  This System is so powerful that it can affect almost any disease process, and exert a powerful healing response in all areas of our lives.

For many who come to Evolutionary Healing Institute™, the healing effects they experience from UHT™ are the most profound and transformative of their lives.

By Paul Canali, DC
Evolutionary Healing Institute

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