So often people who have been through so much in life, tend to hide from it and almost act as if nothing happened.  More times than I can remember, I’ve basically heard from others “I’m healed and I’m over it!”  In the voice and words of the church lady, one thought usually comes to my mind – “well isn’t that special”.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m being a sarcastic smart you know what.  Maybe I am and maybe I’m just trying to get everyone’s attention.  It isn’t that I take healing lightly or think that you have to drown in the misery of your past experiences.  What I believe is as important as oxygen to our body, is that you have to be 100% honest with yourself.  This is where people fall down.

Healing is not an end point.  Healing is a journey.  Discovery about your life doesn’t stop when you open one door, it only begins.  Healing happens a little bit over many moments of your life.  It is a process.  It is not an end point.  Yes, I’m repeating that but I’m doing so because most people never fully understand that it’s a process.

I do get it though, that horrible events in life aren’t fun to think about.  They are like flesh eating bacteria filled with poison.  You just want to escape them, run from them and act as if they aren’t anywhere close.  Unfortunately, though, the stuff of life still resides in your body.

Trauma, stress, and past experiences take up residence in the cells of your mind and your body.  Your cells remember, even when you wish to hide.  These moments reside by trapping energy of the moment in biological ways.

You may feel them in body pains, muscle tension, diseases, heart conditions, cancer and other health issues.  You may feel them as a disconnect from life, not feeling like you are really experiencing all that life offers.  You may feel them as needing more exhilarating moments of life in order to fully experience life.

Regardless, anything that you use to hide and mask what happened, isn’t helping you.  Thinking positive thoughts, reciting mantras, and losing yourself in your religious experience just continues to trap the energy within which eats away at you like an internal toxic poison.

Is it bad to think positive thoughts or recite mantras or meditate or participate in religious experiences?  Nope!  However, once again if you are not being honest with yourself, then that’s the first issue you may want to address.

Healing is a process.  Yes, you get to the point where your past doesn’t create misery every day of your life and that’s a good thing.  However, these experiences give you the opportunity to become more of who you truly are and what you are made of in your life.  The more you go into the healing and touch those painful moments, the more freedom you give yourself.  It’s like peeling the layers of an onion.  Once you remove one layer, there’s another layer exposed.

Healing isn’t a bad thing either.  It’s not something that is meant to be avoided although many do this and expect others to do it as well.  Just a hint: often people don’t want you to talk about these things because it connects them to painful moments in their own life.  I still remember one person who I really looked up to that got belligerent with me when I began to say something.  It reminded him of his stuff and he wanted none of it, although I wasn’t even talking to him.  Talk about an awkward moment!

Healing brings freedom and awareness and new levels of consciousness.  Healing gives you so much more in life.  It’s up to you whether you hide behind the experiences of life or you become honest with your life and begin to truly discover the freedom within you that is waiting to express itself.

So, the next time you begin to think or say or portray to the world, “I’m healed – I’m over it!”, stop yourself and take a good honest look at your current awareness.  Don’t make it about healing misery but see it as a way to open up too much more than you probably see in this moment.  Make it about discovering a new world, rather than struggling and trudging through the muck of life.

By Don Shetterly
December 15, 2013 
Mind Body Thoughts Blog

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