One of the things that I am learning firsthand is how our nervous system is in the course of our day.  Many of the things that I write about here are ones that I have been introduced to and then I learn about them by living through experiences that become my teacher.

It is not just concepts that are told to me and I continue the story.  They are very real lessons that I experience firsthand within my body.  When you can experience something within the body and feel the connection within, then there is no doubt that it is a real, truth altering experience.

For a long time, I felt overwhelmed in life where I could not seem to get my balance as the winds of various events would come along and knock me off balance.  It never seemed like I would get past many things in my life because I always felt overwhelmed.  Then one experience in particular that I had on the table with Dr. Paul Canali brought this home in a very real and vivid way.

In this particular session, I came up against some of the root energy where very real and intense anger perpetuates and grows within me.  As I pushed through this, my body felt physically awful for several hours but then as the energy of the release began to balance itself, I noticed a major change within my body.  For the first time, I noticed a peacefulness and calmness that I had never felt before.  It is more than difficult to describe here but it was real and I knew it wasn’t just a temporary peace or calmness.  It was a life changing moment.

As events of the following week transpired, I noticed that most of these were just rolling off my back.  Yes, some of them were pretty intense and I was not ignoring the feeling of them, but they were just coming in and almost like bouncing through me.  It is then that I came to understand just how resilient our nervous system is meant to be and if treated properly, it can perform in ways that we may not be able to imagine.

For months, I did not think about this entire scenario until I recently went through a very stressful week.  In that week, I noticed something about myself and how I was dealing with the stress.  While the stress was intense and difficult to be part of, I noticed that much of it was just bouncing right through me.  I’m not going to tell you that it was an easy week but without this happening within myself, it would have been much more difficult.

Please don’t misunderstand me here because I’m not talking about “thinking happy thoughts” here either as many tend to do.  This is about going deep within and connecting to the grounded part of your cells, your body and your mind.  It is about having the nervous system at a healthy point that it can absorb these things and let them go.  It isn’t about avoiding any of the feelings or affects of the stress but feeling all of it and just swimming through it as if you were swimming in a pool.

Of course, most humans go through life in a hurried fashion barely ever taking time to take care of the body, oblivious to the fact that this is taking place.  We like to self medicate ourselves with things that keep us from living in reality and keep us from getting to truly know ourselves in an intimate way.

All too often, I’ve heard many people tell me that they don’t have time to get a massage or relax or to take a vacation.  In this day of electronics, people cannot even get away from their jobs for a minute.  We keep ourselves and our nervous systems in a heightened state of arousal and stress but yet we expect our bodies to hit peak performance.

We go through life dabbling in this or that new age therapy or we turn to religion, doctors and our families to help us exist in our day.  However, none of these things will help you deal with the stress in your life unless you go in and stand up to the fear and the ego within your body and your mind.  You can fool yourself all day long into thinking that various things are helping you and they may be temporarily, but if you really want to leap upon the mountains, you need to journey within yourself.

The nervous system is meant to act like a rubber band where if you pull it and stretch it, when let go, it should go back to its original shape.  However, if you stretch it beyond those limits time and time again, you may alter the shape of it.  If you stretch it beyond what it is capable of, then there will be a break.  The body acts in much the same way.

If we as a society really wanted to improve the overall health of our world, we would be focusing upon learning how the nervous system works and how we impact it every day of our life.  We would focus upon learning how to reclaim it and harness the power that we hold within our bodies and our minds.  The nervous system should be our friend but much of the time in our world, we barely even notice its existence.

By Don Shetterly
February 23, 2011
Mind Body Thoughts Blog

Reprinted by permission from the Mind Body Thoughts Blog

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